'Ghost Adventures' heads to spooky Charleston scene

'Ghost Adventures' heads to spooky Charleston scene
October 19, 2011
ABC News

HARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- A string of sunny days suddenly came to an end as the crew settled into Charleston. The rain settled in around them. But that's nothing new for Zak, Nick, and Aaron-- the Travel Channel's wildly popular Ghost Adventures crew.

"Mother nature, I don't know if we employed her for our show, but she seems to show up when we film," said Zak Bagans, the show's animated front man.

A dark cloud certainly hung over one of the city's most historic haunts, the Old City Jail, the day before the big investigation.

In case you haven't caught them, the Ghost Adventures gang locks down from dusk until dawn in what are said to be some of the nation's most haunted places. Armed with cameras and audio equipment, they call on ghosts to show themselves, then analyze the evidence.

"We take it seriously because we know it exists and we're pumped up about it," said Bagans.

From faint whispers to growls, the recordings can be chilling. But it's the reactions of the crew members themselves, finding their way in the dark, that are often frightening and sometimes downright hilarious.

"Paranormal investigating is 4 dimensional. You use all your senses. And when the energy comes over to you and reaches inside of you, you can feel the spirit."

Bagans sidekicks are equally enthusiastic. Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin are eager to share their experiences, and we found often finish each others sentences.

"This used to be a civil war hospital, all of the confederates, a lot of history, a lot of deaths, especially in this spot," the both chimed in.

From 1802 until 1939, the Old Charleston Jail was home to some of the city's most infamous murderers and crooks, from pirates to Civil War prisoners.

"To be honest, I really haven't gotten any feelings yet," said Groff. "But we've only done a walk through. That's the thing about paranormal investigating, you never know when things are going to happen."

The crew will bunker down Thursday night for a season finale that will air December 16th. It's their first trip to Charleston and likely not their last.

"You've got the revolutionary war, you've got the civil war, you've got the pirates, just layers and layers on the dark history cake. I've been wanting to come here for so long. I love it."
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